Tuesday, October 16, 2012

31 Days of Green Acres - Day 16

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Closing on a foreclosed home ended up being one of the easiest parts of this whole journey.

There were virtually no glitches, negotiations, and in the end no troubles or surprises.

And for a few short weeks, aside from ongoing showings at the city house, all was quiet and we enjoyed the naive rest that precedes a whole house demolition, rebuild, and surprise love affair with a lifestyle that we never intended.

We planned, we dreamed, we waited.

And on November 13, 2009 we bought the farm.

Kind of a package deal, we bought the standing water in the house, the urine soaked carpet, the breathtakingly ugly woodwork and trim, the mold and mildew, and the gaping holes in the roof as well.

If that sounds bad to you, multiply it by...maybe a million?

In fact, it was so bad when a family member who we love and trust very much toured our dream home (before we closed),  for the first time, she called her husband and asked him to stop us - from what she saw (and to be fair it was a horror show), we were in way over our heads.

Lucky for you the pictures can only tell part of the story.

Our noses will never forget the rest.

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  1. It's the vision that counts. So many people these days do not have vision. I've had to learn it over my many years. I'm sure that you have come a long way since the closing and a lot of blood, sweat & tears has gone into this fabulous farm. Thanks for sharing.

  2. "And on November 13, 2009 we bought the farm." My favorite line. Made me smile. Excellent post. Wonderful sense filled content. Next time I should bring a nose plug.

  3. Sometimes not having smell-a-vision is a good thing!