Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 Days - Day 10

Welcome, this post is part of a 31 Days series.  If you'd like to read the other posts they're in a nicely ordered list for you here.

Well y'all, my mom is here for a visit.  It's been almost two years since she's been here, so we're gonna live life to the full during our time together.

What does she have to do with the 31 Days?

Here's the story.
I was grumbling.
Yup, ugly.

My pages views had a nice little spike at the beginning of this event.
Not so much anymore.
Some faithful readers and friends have left heartening comments along the way. Blessings.

Some real life friends have wondered, "What are you writing about anyway? What's 31 Days?  What's Green Acres?"

You can see my trouble, yes?
If people just aren't getting it, I've really got my work cut out for me as  a writer, and although I enjoy writing, I don't describe myself as a writer.  Too much responsibility.

So, I'm killin' myself a little to be here, and the story will get told.
It must.
I'm committed to capturing this legacy in the form of story.

But, my mom suggested that my posts have been a little on the "light side".
I've not been giving you enough to sink your teeth into...she wonders if you need a reason to stay.

See, my mom does have something to do with all this.

So, let's do a little experiment, ok?
This post is all pretty much writer's angst and there's a stark absence of anything "farmy".

Wonder what the page view stats will show tomorrow.
Will you come back?

No pressure.

What does this really tell me?  You?
I've lost my way a little bit.
Perhaps I need to spend more than 1/2 an hour working on this.
Have I underestimated the commitment and overestimated my capacity?

I'm quite an inexperienced blogger.
Perhaps this is normal.

So, really, in the end, I'll probably lean into this a little longer, see if I can write something of greater substance/interest.

And, if not, no matter.
I'm here to chronicle the journey.

Not generate page views.

Thanks Nester for this opportunity.  I'm grateful in spite of my silly rant above.  
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  1. My blog posts occur at total random...some have been a week apart. Others months. I have never done well with an expectation or deadline to write. In fact, I don't do well with much of anything that's not on MY time :)....(hence one reason for home schooling). I love your idea of the 31 days because I have longed to read your entire journey and see it documented. But I personally can wait as long as you need to put it out there. I'm in for the long haul. And the pictures. And the friendship. :)

    1. oh friend - how you bless me!
      On an unrelated note - our Itty Bitty looked pretty cute today in some threads that came from you! Much more grown up.

  2. I'm in the same boat, I love to write, but am not a writer. My readers would likely have no idea what to do with me if I blogged everyday. I don't always click over, but yours is one of my favorites to read when I have the time. :)

    1. I think I'd like to be in a boat with you! That is if neither of us got seasick. I'm pretty sure we'd be friends who could encourage and spur one another on.
      Your words are a GIFT and your presence here a privilege.

  3. Welcome to my world. Though I don't aspire to be a writer, I enjoy sharing some of the things that I so enjoy. I'm sure that you will get it together and if it doesn't come together, well, you can say you tried and move on to the next inspiration. Life is a journey....keep walking. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

    1. Hi again Joani - do you know how glad I am that you keep coming? Thank you! I'm pressin' on - you know "keep walking". Good advice.

  4. Well, my friend,I must admit that my blog has gone a bit cold, but I still write every day. I want you to stand up... okay, good. Now, raise your right hand,no,raise both of them. That's right...repeat after me.

    I am a writer.

    My blog doesn't define me.

    Comments and views aren't my motivation.

    I love to write from my experience.

    I am a writer.

    I have something of value to share.

    The farm and family and God are my life.

    I will continue to write about my life.

    I am a writer.

    p.s. I am a writer

    1. I don't have words for the delight and encouragement your comment produces.
      Perhaps it is enough to say, "Thank you Gerald the Writer, my friend."