Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days of Green Acres - Day 13

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What a wonderful rainy day we had!

The thrumming drops on the roof kept us all curled up snug in our beds until after 8 a.m.
I can't think of anything better for Weekend Farmer Husband than a chance to sleep in.
He got up to speed quickly though, and one of our barns continues it's transformation from dark, dirty, silt floor useless space to bright, clean, useful space.

I'm happy to report that my son's paper is coming along nicely. I however, am still "stuck".

So, let's go back a bit, and add some details to how we landed at our current property.
Remember I said that we at one time (at least on paper), were financially committed to 3 properties?
You'd think from the outside looking in any sensible person could avoid a problem like that, right?

We didn't intend for it to happen.
But, in a seriously depressed housing market and following a striking economic downturn, we were stunned by the amount of "activity" our newly for sale city house generated.
Before we even signed the listing agreement we had an appointment for a showing.

And, the showings never let up.

Early on that created the sense that we'd better have a place to go since it appeared as though our house might sell quickly.

Although keeping the house ready for a showing at the drop of a hat while home schooling and raising our brood was a mighty lot of work, it was promising, and Weekend Farmer Husband charged me to go find a house as quickly as I could since there was the pressing possibility that someone would make an acceptable offer.

Before long we realized the city house would not sell quickly. And it wouldn't likely sell for as much as we owed.

So, Weekend Farmer Husband encouraged me to press on even more diligently in finding a home because he could foresee the strong possibility that we would have to sell short, or could worse yet be involved in foreclosure as his mind was entirely made up that we would not remain in our current home or lifestyle. He advised that it would be best to move forward in the event that credit or lack of financing became an insurmountable barrier.

I found a lovely 4 acre piece within our criteria with a beat up old farmhouse.  We made an offer.  And the third party broker representing aforementioned property made a counter offer.  Our offer was acceptable, but we'd need to wait six weeks to hear if it was approved.

Time at this point seemed like a good friend so we agreed to the terms, and carried on as normal except for showing our house.

But, time grew more unfriendly, and Weekend Farmer Husband grew suspicious that the buyers agreement we had signed would fall through.

So, he sent me out again to find another house.
I did.
We made an offer.
They accepted.
A earnest money deposit was placed in escrow.
And, now, we were obligated to three houses.

Good thing Weekend Farmer Husband's business sense is so sharp.
The first deal fell through shortly after.
Now we were trying to sell the one house and we were in eager pursuit of what has become Liberty Farm.

Thank you Nester for this 31 Days opportunity.
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  1. I have so enjoyed reading all about your search of the dream. If only one would continue pursuing our dreams and not be wavered by a school teacher or some other adult. I congratulate you all in moving forward with this dream. It will bring many days of joy. Thanks again.

  2. Wow. Three at one time. I am stressing with just two!