Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days of Green Acres - Day 8

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I can clearly see two mistakes I've made so far in pursuing this goal of posting for 31 Days.

First, each of these posts have been written hours and hours after my last cup of coffee for the day.  The little boost from caffeine gets applied to other important matters in the day.  If I were to drink a cup when I've been writing this series I would have yet to go to bed this month.  But, in addition to these posts I'd be all caught up on thank you notes, laundry, pantry cleaning, basement sorting...I'm starting to think being up all night is a good idea!

(Wait, I often am - with my light sleepers - never mind.  That's right , I remember now why it doesn't make any sense to have a late night cuppa - I'll be parenting (gladly) not working on projects.)

Second, and this is a biggie, I can't believe I've been massaging this keyboard completely devoid of chocolate.  This one I'm having a harder time making sense of.  Who in their right mind takes on a mammoth project without considering the role of salted dark chocolate, salted caramel chocolate, hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake...

O comfort chocolate, I crave thee!

And now on to the farm news:

We brought a new kitten home tonite.

Her name is Onyx.
Ooo, Onyx, that's fun to say!
(For all you Elf fans out there...)

We've learned some lessons about hanging on loosely around these parts, especially to cats.

They are an essential part of farm life and have become a precious part of family life.

Trouble is, they have an incredibly high mortality rate.

This is our 7th kitten to be introduced to the barn in less than a year.  Of the seven, four have perished.  It's heart wrenching.

We don't treat them badly, so neglect is never the cause.

Raccoons, a hawk, and twice curiosity have been the cats' end.

So for now, we fully enjoy the fun of kitty play.

But, she's gonna have to be tough.  Farm girls are, you know.

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  1. OH, this makes me more sad for my daughter who has been dreading the day we let the kitten out of the tack room. We have kept him in there for over a month until he is big enough to outrun a hawk and smart enough to return here for food. I told her the cat would be "released" from the room when the corn was cut and the corn was cut today. She cried herself to sleep because she's convinced he will die soon. I reminded her that our adult barn cat has been fine for a year now. Yes, this is a hard thing to live with. A horse left our family last to another farm and that was very hard as well. I can sympathize.

    1. Hope you are getting some good snuggles with your sweetie who is so concerned...
      And, I hope your kitty is country savvy!
      Come to the farm soon and tell me about all the changes in your family, okay?