Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 Days of Green Acres - Day 18

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*Ahem - cough* I do have photographs to accompany my brief text below.  I'm not computer savvy enough though to plug in the hard drive on which said pictures are stored to my son's computer (where the hard drive "lives").  Please come back to see?

For now though, we'll stick with the chronological approach and get y'all started off with one of my "I'm obsessed with cute cows photos  funny farm pictures just cuz. (Yes, yes, I play vith vords...)

Around these parts November 13, 2009 is translated, "Snow's gonna fly soon!"

I mentioned holes in the roof yes?

Roof fixin' and snow flyin' aren't the best combo for safety practices if you know what I mean.

It was obvious that was the place to begin.

And, we were given a wonderful gift - mild autumn weather for getting our feet wet in this endless sea of renovation.

Furthermore, the beautiful weather was made sweeter by the gift of friends giving of time and labor to help us get started.

Snow held off, we finished our roof project, and the action moved indoors.

Thanks Nester for spearheading this epic adventure!  Other bloggers along for the ride can be found here.


  1. The picture made me smile. Did you wipe the cow's face?

  2. Love the calf's photo. He looks quite interested. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.