Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 Days of Green Acres - Day 11

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Phew!  Turns out I'm not the only one feeling the burn of this 31 Days commitment. Several others have posted similar angst. It's helpful to know that I'm not alone.

And, oh how lovely your comments were (are).  Thank you for your abundant kindness.

I'm not a runner, but I've heard some of my runner friends and family describe a part of their training/running that includes coming to a really difficult painful part of a run.  And, although their body might be screaming at them to surrender, it becomes a critical exercise for them to push through.  They learn to  trust the strength they've acquired, the many training events/runs they've participated in before, sometimes their coaches, and they push through.  Not only do they report pushing through victoriously, but they so often report "runner's high".

This writing business is not all that much different.

I do feel amazing when I've written something that's interesting to me, that connects with readers, and that above all leaves a record of the fact that I belong body and soul to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Writer's High?

I do think I know what the current struggle is.
Yes, I'm barely keeping up the pace of life.
(In fact, I may have recently admitted to a friend that my teenagers are "kicking my fanny" in the schedule department.  I love how vibrant life with them is. My body, and sometimes a foggy brain, reminds me that they're the youngsters - not me.)
The uber busyness does make the problem more difficult to address, but it isn't the core issue.

The realization came when "coaching" my one of my son's through a difficult writing assignment for his College Research and Writing Class.

His topic on a surprise assignment (as in - not on the syllabus), is really broad.  Too broad.  And he's struggling to narrow it sufficiently to write a 750 word essay.  Just when he thinks he's got a foothold, the topic mushrooms in his brain, and he can't make his way through the mechanics of sorting, organizing, and editing content.

It's a shared problem here at Liberty Farm.  I'm not sure what to write about next.
But I've come to a couple of understandings:

I've decided it's better to keep the commitment of writing here every day (even if I don't stay on topic), because my personal opinion is that it's better for a reader to come here and find something they weren't expecting than to find "nothing".  It's an assumption, but I'm willing to make it.

And, I'll keep trying.

It may come together quickly and I'll find my muse.

Maybe not.

But, the story continues as we live each precious day out here on Liberty Farm.
And, like I advised my son, it will be through writing that I'll solve the problem.

Thank you Nester for creating this opportunity and sharing it with better than 1200 other bloggers!


  1. About that muse...She is illusive indeed me thinks. Have you looked everywhere for her? Rumor has it that she likes lofts. Lofty is she. does your barn have a loft. hmmmm.

    1. hah- Firstborn daughter just wrote a descriptive narrative for her writing class...from the loft, about the loft.
      I have yet to get up there - I do struggle so (irrationally and with great irritation) to be up high.

  2. Thank you for continuing. I so enjoy seeing what is happening. But, if daily is not possible, perhaps once every few days or so. Love the photos of the cows. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

    1. Those cows are cute aren't they? The photos were taken in late April...? They're quite a bit larger now, but just as fun to look at.
      Appreciate how you keep coming back!