Friday, October 12, 2012

31 Days of Green Acres - Day 12

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If you're like me, you're an extrovert.

Your energy comes from external sources.  People in particular charge your batteries, but other experiences or things can keep your tank full.

My favorite way to energize is to spend time with my family or intimate friends.

When that's not an option (rare, but sometimes...), I turn to books, blogs, and become a beauty seeker.

What could this possibly have to do with 31 Days of Green Acres, the story of Liberty Farm?

Thanks. Thanks for asking, because it is relevant.

Remember a couple posts back I told you I was a construction widow during the demolition, remodel/rebuilding process?  It was challenging to keep my chin up and see the light at the end of the tunnel because so many days were so  - lonesome.

Well, it's kind of happening again.

Remember, this property and home of ours, they're better than a century old.  And, winter is coming.  So, Weekend Farmer Husband has taken on epic projects during this course of unemployment, and with the inevitable change of season he works from before dawn to well after sunset to beat the hard freeze. He's in our home maybe 7 hours a day, six for sleeping, and the remaining one for other necessary matters like eating, and the rest of the hours are in barns or on the property.  Fixing, restoring, redeeming, chasing hard after a vision.

And after the hub bub of home education, home keeping, and mothering has subsided, it's quiet and this lonely girl craves something to power her up.

Enter the camera.  I keep taking photos, more than I'll ever be able to sort and use, to capture and chronicle this beautiful life.  And I crop, sometimes edit, and place in folders to make easy access to the images that fill my viewfinder and keep my spirit from being too desolate.

It's been a long week.  Weekend Farmer Husband and I just reunited face to face.  I'm invited to go see his progress.  Oh, how I will affirm and encourage him.  He provides abundantly well for us and these Green Acres.

But, before I go, I want to tell you that the pictures from today's post are from right outside my front door.
This view and brilliant landscape of autumn glory stopped up the drain of energy loss and filled me right up with wonder and gratitude for where I am today and the loving service of my faithful beloved.

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  1. Oh, the images are stunning and fill color into the chambers of my heart. You captured beauty beautifully...If I may be so redundant.

    1. Of course you may, and I'm glad you are - redundancy (far too often scoffed at in my opinion) indicates impact - at least to me. How many times in the scriptures does God repeat himself...?
      And, thank you for your continued encouraging presence.

  2. Such pretty fall colors. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're welcome, Joani.
      It's lovely here right now.
      Trying to savor.