Monday, April 23, 2012

A Day Away

So much to see and do in this amazing place!

In spite of wet, windy, and inhospitable spring weather, we ventured away from the farm for a whole day to explore, enjoy, and knit ourselves together with shared experience.

Intricate beauty.  Wondrous design.  Masterful color.  Incandescent wing.  Warm tropical breath.  Eyes searching for flutter and lifting to capture one more glimpse.

Although we live in the cradle of our own farm love, it is good for us to seek and see beauty and wonder elsewhere.

Mindful of it here, we discover that it's true everywhere:

The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it.
Psalm 24:1

Eager to list gifts as I missed being here last week:

-All of us behaving nicely, sitting through an entire meal, at a restaurant!
-Continued positive reports from my dad as he journeys through the effects of his stem cell transplant.
-Holy Spirit reminders that I am loved, by God, and many of His image bearers.
-Deep deep woundedness at the surface, demanding attention, forcing me to surrender myself again and again at the cross to rely completely on Christ.  Suffering produces great gain for those that love God. Not for self.  For Him.
-Wisdom to solve some early signs of trouble with our new cows.  All is well.
-Beautiful sunshine.  Solar panels aglow.
-A letter from Alicia's mother in Peru..  An important reminder to truly care for the widowed, orphaned,and poor among us.  
-Grateful for a family at church sponsoring Compassion Sunday yesterday.
-Hard parenting struggles reminding me that gray hair is a crown! ;-)
-Oh how easy it is to get in my car, pull my debit card in and out of my wallet, frequent different stores, and easily feed my family.  
-And when we are thirsty, we drink.  Thank you, Lord, for such comforts and meeting our physical needs.
-Piano and guitar practice - lovely strains throughout the day.
-Standing on the promises of God, finding His foundation firm, and glorying in Christ Alone.


  1. what a wonderful day!

    thanks for sharing.

    1. Richelle, glad to hear from you! It was a wonderful day.