Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An Answer to your Question...

Weekend Farmer Husband checked in here today and had a question for me.  Although he didn't have to suffer the long list, like you will if you keep reading, he and I did have fun conducting a brief review.

103 Freedom Ranger chicks in the brooder.

24 Mature Laying Hens - temporarily fenced in the veggie garden, clearing weeds, scratching around, leaving their droppings in preparation for May planting.

48 baby chicks in yet more brooders - we have taken to not eating eggs around here since so many friends and family wish to buy farm fresh eggs.  Dumb, huh?  You'd think we'd have more eggs than we'd ever want to eat.  Not so.  So, we increased our flock by double hoping to meet customer desire and eat some of the farm freshness ourselves!

6 Khaki Campbell ducklings- yup, you guessed it.  They have their own brooder too.

4 Simmental Heifers

Baby kittens in the barn and their new Mama Kitty





Increased work hours outside the home for the teenagers, and although I'm grateful they have work, it does mean more of the supporting work of the farm is shouldered by me - gladly.

Pick up custom framing orders, new contact lenses, prescriptions, and return library books on time, taxes.

Grocery shopping.

Home Educating.

Heart Discipling.

Precious little sleeping, eating, pleasure reading, computer time wasting, forty something fitnessing, discretionary time anything.

And, that my dear Weekend Farmer Husband, just begins to explain why I've not updated here in some time.

Isn't spring grand?

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