Monday, December 26, 2011


I thought maybe I'd "give myself a break" today.  Although the writing is not difficult, there's a certain amount of attention, energy, and commitment to crafting and preparing words for this space.  I almost don't want to hear from myself for another few days after Christmas in Boston posted last night.

But, there are three physical gifts counted in yesterday's inventory of presents that I don't want to miss.  I am increasingly aware that each fleeting day with this present inheritance of our children is to be held loosely and with deep reverence.  Weekend Farmer Husband and I were both moved to tears yesterday at the depth of understanding, compassion, and maturity reflected in the gifts we received from our children.

First, one of the gifts reflects the wonderful sense of humor we cultivate as this body we call our family.
Warning-the image below is not for those shy about taking life's details and supersizing them.

I'll give you a little space to scroll and decide if you really want to see...


It now is clear that my obsession interest in cows has not been unnoticed!

Second, our older sons gave a breathtakingly generous gift to Weekend Farmer Husband.  I don't wish at this time to disclose what it is, but suffice it to say it is a physical gift that he would never consider purchasing for himself that assists in building relationship with all his kids, and at the same time delivers appropriate pleasure and elusive rest.  That our boys would be able to deliver such a thing broke the stoic heart within my man and the knowledge of how deeply he is loved by his children poured down his cheeks.

And, finally, I've been compelled to ask for this for months.  I wanted as a family to respond to biblical instruction to take care of widows and orphans and to give generously.  I'm chagrined (as one of the bodies responsible for shepherding and training these hearts in character quality growth) that our love of getting stuff made my request difficult.  I asked for an orphan for Christmas.

Weekend Farmer Husband is led by the Holy Spirit to believe that our quiver is full and so to my knowledge we will not be bringing any orphans into our physical home and family.  But, I felt it would be simple enough to sponsor a child somewhere in the world and to bring the gospel to him or her by giving generously to meet needs and hopefully to pour into in a small way want.

The idea met with mighty resistance.  I don't really understand why.  Perhaps it's all too new in this roller coaster of a new story we're writing here at Liberty Farm.  Sometimes all the change and what is required to build this new life seems like too much. And, we're just as subject to rejecting the "one more thing" as anybody else.  Christmas is limited in it's effort and scope, at least in a physical sense.  Making a commitment to a child means we must stick with it.  The one more thing must become permanently on the list of what we care for.

But in the end our hearts were softened and resistance was futile.  
Alicia Felicitas, a 4 year old sweetie joined our family from Peru yesterday.  I can't wait to get to know her.  And, after all the talking, training, waiting, praying, the hearts of my children responded to the call of God's word and my desire for expanding our kingdom work.

So, today's list is short.  But, I'm careful when I write it down here because in this broken and barren world there are friends and family members who have longed for this gift and remain waiting. Or, they understand now that the gift is not to be theirs for this world.  To you my dear ones, I extend my most gentle heart and as I chronicle my abundance I'm not unaware of your want.  I tremble as I write for what I've been given, and will trust God's faithful character and what He gives rather than what He withholds.

Added once again to the list of gifts:

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  1. Thank you for caring for the least of these this Christmas!! You bring joy to our Father God's heart! And to that sweet little girl! Blessings to you this new year!

  2. Loved the humor of the mug and the blessings you gave and received. Thank you for sharing your list this week. Blessings!