Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Would you Rather...

Several Christmas's ago, our older sons gave our family a game called, "Would you Rather?".  It's a fun family/party game that presents different options or scenarios and in turn you are called upon to answer based upon your preference.  Lots of laughing is involved, lots of "ewwwww", or "I would never...", maybe a "That would be cool...."

So, honestly, I would rather answer the siren call of this:

And bask in the revealed glory of this:

Than have the record of our evening display this:

Well, you got me, that's not me.
(Weekend Farmer Husband pausing briefly with that wry resigned grin of his when he knows he's in my camera sights)
And, frankly, I play much more of a supporting role than a lot of the actual hands on dirty work - even though I would be willing, I'm much more effective and helpful managing little people, and sourcing the necessary elements for the job, as well as directing clean up in the aftermath.

I think I've got a whole 'nother post rolling around in the grey matter ready to take on the important topic of work.  It's a necessary and valuable part of a farm and no other lifestyle is entirely exempt.  We all do it.  We all have a love hate relationship with it.  I don't know about you, but I often find other work more engaging and worthy than my know how it is, organizing somebody else's closet is much more attractive than dealing with your own.  Maybe it's because at the end of the project you can truly just walk away, you don't have any lingering responsibility.  Whereas your own work is wherever you are regardless of age, profession, socio economic status...excepting for brief sabbaticals, work is ever present in our day to day.

It frequently occurs to me that I offer only the smallest peeks into the labor and effort of restoring and redeeming this farm and life of ours.

(And, especially for my friends whose reformed theology carefully distinguishes between a faith based and works based sanctification, I want to assure you that I in no way believe that our family can redeem it's own life - {gentle smile})

I simply want to disclose that this adventure is work.  And lots of it.  And it occurs any time of day or night.  A farm is no respecter of the clock.  And it's often stinky, gross, heartbreaking, conflict generating, and downright difficult.

But, this Green Acres is as idyllic as you or I see it.  Notably, it is multifaceted, demanding, comprehensive in it's draw on our resources, and profoundly difficult as well as rewarding.

Many of you dream of living as we do.  You share fond hopes that someday you'll leave your city lot behind, or your suburb, or your village and secure your own piece of green.  Oh, how I long for your dream to be the reality and for the blessing of this life for you and your loved ones.

And soon, I will write more about work.

For now, I will conclude with a picture that displays the nitty grity of what it sometimes takes to live this happy dream.  And, I'll be humbled by servant's hands and love that labors to meet all our needs.

P.S. Thanks for your concern... we all do have and wear gloves.  Some jobs require hands on and gloves off...We're still figuring out how to heal our hands.

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