Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Together

What an idyllic scene.  And, in many ways, it is what it seems.  These girls just eat, ruminate, rest, drink, and what remains I'll leave to your imagination gentle reader. *wink*

They're happy here, and I feel reconnected with so many pieces of what's good about living this adventure of ours.

Yesterday I identified them as Simmental Heifers because that's what I thought Weekend Farmer Husband had arranged with our broker.  The updated version is that the two with black bodies and white faces are indeed, cross bred Simmentals.  Black beauty is an Angus Limousin cross.  The white one, well she's pretty special.  Turns out her sire was in part, (although not completely), White Park.

Hope you enjoy looking and learning as much as I do. As we get to know them and them us, I'm sure I'll get some stunning close ups and they'll be featured here again!

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