Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why I'm Gone - and When I'll be Back

I don't have a grand plan.  My motivation is neither hyper spiritual or mature.  I've just been moved by the Holy Spirit to spend my time for this short season in other ways.

Certainly it's no way to grow a blog - and I do want to increase here.  In recent days I've been surprised and pleased at the impact my most recent post had.  Although it didn't generate the most hits ever in the short history of this blog, it did produce the highest number of emails, comments on facebook, IM conversations, and phone calls.  Something connected between you and me that caused you to not only reach out to me, but as moms (parents), and fellow travelers you entered in to what I wrote, felt it for me, and most surprisingly felt it for yourself.

It would seem that this would be the perfect time to post more often, dig deep into the connective tissue of experiences and ideas we share, and bring you along so that you develop a regular presence here.  Finally, I should capture all the scribbled notes scattered on my desk and organize my content and delve into the topics I think we'd all be interested in.

But, I'm not going to.  In fact, I'm going to radically restrict my being here -  and all spheres of the internet and computer that I frequent.  And, yes, I'm doing it for Lent.

Not that long ago Weekend Farmer Husband and I were compelled to change churches and we moved from one body that had and practiced a rich history of liturgy, formal worship, and observance of the church calendar.  Our current body has a different tradition and although we are well fed spiritually, there is an absence of the more formal elements of worship.  I miss those practices.

So, for more reasons than I'll write here, (and all of them positive), I'll personally be observing Lent this year. I'm "giving up" some of my time and attention at the computer to enter in to the difficulty of the crucifixion, the quiet of Christ in the tomb, the waiting for the fulfillment of His promises, and the glorious break of dawn on Easter Sunday when the church universal proclaims as one, "He is Risen indeed!"

I'll be checking email 1-2 times a day.  I'll forego facebook.  I'll set a timer (15 minutes ?), and instead of trolling through Pinterest for the newest idea, I'll be sorting and digging through my own boards to follow up on some of the plans and opportunities that are waiting for my attention.

And here?  I'll be here once a week.  Several of you in just the last 36 hours have personally requested that I keep writing.  You tell me you're encouraged and fortified by what we share here.  My journey and the markers on my trail help you find your way.  So, I won't abandon the practice of chronicling gifts and meeting up with the community of thanks givers.  It's good to be together.

Several of you have started conversations with me in recent days - we don't have to stop meeting with one another.  I cherish your comments and will read each one.  And, I  invite your emails (address available in my profile).

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