Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beautiful Irony

It's no surprise to you, and for that matter to me either, that I was wakened before the clock started keeping time today.

In the early dark I snuggled a little one, played games, prepared a snack, and prayed.

Prayed for my dad. Prayed for my firstborn son taking the ACT today-(something he never planned to do).  Prayed for little one to overcome a head cold.  Prayed for Weekend Farmer Husband, already in his office.  Prayed that the coffee would work its morning magic. Prayed.

And slowly, the hands on the clock began to turn.  Darkness turned to light.  And, any early sign of spring that I wrote about yesterday was clearly gone.

The frigid air and nascent sun made light twinkle on snow and shadow play on branches.

And I welcomed the day, aware of the irony, and danced in the sunbeams.

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