Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love is Patient

Many of my family members and friends are familiar with the often quoted, encouraging, convicting, and well phrased text of I Corinthians 13-the love chapter in the Bible.  If you're not familiar with either the specific text or the Bible itself, I heartily recommend this short passage to you.  You will not struggle to understand or appreciate it.

Sometimes love puts you in unanticipated circumstances and tests you beyond what you think you can do.

Love takes many forms, and last night a mother's love was at the forefront and tested well.

Our regular sniffing, stuffy, discomfort took a turn for the worse.  Suddenly, instead of tucking the little one in with a prayer and a kiss, I was whisking her down the country roads, concerned that she simply wasn't able to get enough air.

All is well. Although she had a really rough spot last night, she'll rally.

While in the Emergency Department, I saw early signs of Valentines Day celebration.  And, as the clock turned yesterday into today, I don't think I imagined a flurry of fun and good wishes as the staff enjoyed themselves.  For sure the little one saw quite a bit of candy! It seems love is in the air.

Coming home in the wee hours, reversing the drive on freshly fallen snow and in solitude, I prepared myself for an even longer night.  Helping her to sleep sitting up, I held her until my arms were stumps and my back on fire.  And still, I held fast. Loving. Patiently waiting for morning and for the eventual relief of her distress.

And it came.  Finally, just before lunch, her inflamed bronchial passageways gave way, and increased air brought comfort and a hard won deep sleep.


  1. Oh, my. Poor precious girl but rich with the love of her Mama. Will pray for continued healing and a restful day for all.

    1. thanks,sweet megan-we're slowly rebounding, and still cuddling.