Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Split Second

Every once in awhile one of my older offspring check out what I've had to say in this space, and typically they offer encouragement and useful feedback.

Yesterday's post generated a brief flurry of real life comments from some of the kids like;

"Oh, man.  That's so true."

"Yeaaaaahhhh, that's pretty much it, mom."

I cannot even tell you how it pleases me to hear them agree rather than go back and relive the specific events that gave way to grace and greater understanding.  I'm breathless with awe at the abundant mercies of God in our life together.

One of their observations, however, merits a brief update.

They identified that although I allowed a tiny little look into some of the tough stuff (I know, I barely said anything...) I managed to create a visual contradiction.  I chose a cute, smiley, calm, and who would believe me picture of the one who's taught me so much about being kind.

I was reminded that this series of photos was more appropriate.

It was a particularly dynamic morning and every split second we were catapulted into the fullness of what this young one brings us. I just kept clicking.

Weekend Farmer Husband and I often encourage one another to remember that it's not always important to evaluate how the moment/event got started, but instead to measure progress by how we end up.

Looks like by God's goodness it all turned out okay!

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