Monday, February 13, 2012

Cuddling and Cough Medicine

Perhaps this is the case for you too, it seems every February, no matter how healthy our habits, we are laid low with some sort of respiratory crud.  We're not super duper sick, but everybody is slowed down, sleepless from stuffy noses and coughing, and generally sub par.

Clear lungs, nasal passages, and throats are taken for granted until they swell up inflamed, demanding attention.

Sleeping prone is suddenly a thing of the past and there aren't enough pillows in the house to prop everyone up.

Books on tape, favorite movies, sermons, and quiet games have an increased presence.

And I don't even put the assortment of remedies cluttering the counter away until this all passes.  It's an all you can stand buffet of honey, lemon, cinnamon, cardamom, tumeric, cayenne pepper and the night time dose of Afrin and Delsym in the hope of a few sound hours.

My favorite cough medicine by far is a steamy tub or shower and then a long cuddle on the couch, propped up in the crook of my arm, swaddled in blankets, and endless stories.  These are the times when I'm especially glad we've rarely culled out any of our picture books for the quarterly goodwill clean out.

There's a big stock pot on the stove right now simmering with rich new broth.  You better believe it's soup for supper tonight!  Its aroma fills the house and comforts with its familiarity.

We may still have a few rocky days ahead.  But we are cheerful, although sleep deprived, and so mindful of the blessings of our secure home and the time to heal.

February's Gifts continue: 13-30

  • almost done with our introductory study of human anatomy, and in our discomfort we're our own laboratory for comprehending we are fearfully and wonderfully made
  • warm apple pie made with apples we can still get from a local grower
  • encouraging bone marrow biopsy results for my dad
  • soft couch, warm blankets, and stacks of picture books
  • Weekend Farmer Husband successfully chasing down wires and circuits and slowly resolving our multiple electrical puzzles that came with the house
  • Yummy recipe for a soothing healthy drink that even the most "discerning" of us are enjoying
  • Big bowl of greens scraped clean
  • books on tape
  • Pandora radio
  • Boxes of tissue everywhere-what relief to wipe a runny nose.
  • Afrin and Delsym
  • Kids faithfully checking nesting boxes so we get eggs before they freeze
  • a surprising but welcome increase in interest for our 2012 farm shares
  • hospitality-savoring a long evening with another family sharing our table
  • all six children gathered round for evening meals- the countdown roars in my head until it is only five
  • brothers banding together all weekend long sincerely enjoying one another's company
  • home education allows for a purposeful slow down, steady progress forward, but time to heal
  • and, finally, after a long night shift with coughing, compromised breathing, and wakefulness, crawling back into bed and not being wakened until day was well underway and sunlight streamed through my window
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  1. brothers banding together- and sincerely enjoying each other's company- love that picture. happy gift being cooped up together. blessings on your family and prayers for health!

    1. Kelly, how nice to hear from you again. The brothers are storing up time together before my firstborn "flies the coop". We've been so blessed with kids who have cultivated friendships with one another. We're sloooooooowly getting better-thanks.