Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An Ordinary Room

Really-Bookshelves aren't just for books?

Skimming through one of the back issues of Country Living magazine that I've kept, I glanced over an article where a well known designer “transformed” an ordinary room, (hmmm, "ordinary" looks a lot like my living room), into a vibrant and welcoming space. 
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My eye was drawn to one caption in particular-”Bookshelves aren't just for books”-next to a before and after shot of built in bookshelves. As you might expect, the after shot was visually breathtaking and the before picture-well, let's just say it paled in comparison.

Chuckling, I turned that idea and the images over in my brain since I had literally just taken a break from my own massive bookshelf project. No kidding! Does that ever happen to you, when the events of your life seem to randomly coordinate with a blog you just happened to check on or a blurb in the news? The laughter stemmed from the irony of a new conflict.

Moments before I had been so thankful for many more linear feet of bookshelves because at last  I can handle the massive collection of books we've accumulated over years of life together and home educating. But, with just one perfectly staged photo, I found myself in an inner dialogue about how to “display” my books and favorite decorative items for the greatest visual appeal.
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Now, I'm giving myself a little talking to. Really? Not just for books? But that's why we built them-for books!Giving my head a shake I'm headed out to the pole barn to retrieve another box of, you got it, books for my new shelves.

Although I'm all about having a lovely home where beauty and function meld into a whole environment, I'm even more about making sure we follow our own vision and principles for establishing our homes and carefully apply advice offered from outside sources, but don't singularly measure the outcome based on it's photographic appeal. And, I'm sure the designer was simply passing along a tip for those of us who tend to think fairly literally or maybe too practically about our homes and would enjoy the dimension that design would lend to our rooms. Good design is very satisfying and something I like to pursue, so you won't find me critical of designers or people who follow what they suggest. (full disclosure here-I'm even a little envious of folks who can/do work with designers-I think I'd really enjoy that opportunity)
So, I probably will root around in the pole barn (after all, I'll already be there), for the boxes of decorative items that remain unpacked since our move. A glass bottle, a small picture, a candle or two, certainly there's space on my shelves. But, in my home, function has it's own kind of appeal and the beauty of it is that my ordinary room is transformed into a lovely space by one of my favorite decorative items-books on the shelves!

Techie friends-please pardon, (and PLEASE help) I'm slow to learn all the formatting skills required to properly run a blog. *blush* I don't yet know how to link pictures to their source-thanks for your grace.

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