Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Morning Light

Early morning and I are not well acquainted.  Although I can, and when required, discipline myself to rise early my preference and the better pattern for our family is for this body to remain in bed until after 7am.  Sometimes, however, I am fortunate enough to have a lovely long night's rest and the fledgling light of the eastern sky beckons.

 This morning I was up and at 'em before dawn. The coffee slipped down my throat and wakefulness stirred in my bones. I was drawn again and again to the changing light, shadows, and patterns of sunrise on our little farm.

Now, my mad photography skillz will probably leave you wanting more...
More editing.
More composition.
More focus.

Hopefully, as we're getting acquainted, you're coming to terms (as am I), with I'm more capable with words than with a shutter.  But, having rarely suffered for lack of gumption in my life, I keep trying and snapping away.

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, (ok, in the sticks...).

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