Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Dreamer and the Doer-A Pinterest Progress Report

Confession-I have a pitifully small memory bank for lines from movies, tv shows, or commercials. If I was ever in a focus group for super bowl commercials before they aired, the whole event would be cancelled I'm so lame at catching what is catchy. That being said, I'm trying to remember who/what uses the slogan “If you can dream it, you can do it?” Although I can't remember their product or idea I can remember the phrase.

Some people are doers. I've got a couple of those in the family. But, truth be told, we've got more dreamers in our bunch. There's a new idea to share at least every 10 minutes. Our time together is exciting, dynamic, creative, and wide open to possibilities. We're always pulling those doers off their task and inviting them into the next adventure!

Photo fun after some girly hairdo time

Thankfully, our doers have been given quiet spirits and they give abundant grace. Generally, they respond with at least respect to the newest distraction, and often with humor.

If I had to measure myself on a doer/dreamer scale I'd say I'm about 60% dreamer and 40% doer. My husband is an incredible mix of about 80% dreamer and 90% doer. I know, you math people, just give your head a shake and keep reading...

Thank goodness for tutorials - it gives this hair impaired mom a chance!

This combo makes us great at both dreaming and getting big projects done. The small stuff though? Well, we regularly come to terms with pockets of the house and farm that quickly run to chaos and have determined that not everything needs to be neat or on track with any written routine or planned approach in order to first, be content, and second, to be productive.

All this disclosure is the lengthy preamble to the subject of this particular post. Some of you will immediately understand what a blessing and responsibility Pinterest is for us dreamers...there are so many images, ideas, resources...I feel like Alice in Wonderland, falling down, down, down into the rabbit hole when I log in. I click, and click, and click, and pin things to boards and redesign my life for hours-without ever leaving my chair. When the fog lifts I can't believe there hasn't been a grown up in charge of things around here. What happened to her? Are there any responsible adults around?

Had never considered this before...keep green onions in water with a light source and just keep snipping what you need.  They'll keep growing!

Conversely, if I want to source printable pre school work sheets, Pinterest is a powerful search tool that makes it easy and efficient to find what I need and proceed. Same is true for recipes, crafts, photography tips...the list goes on. So the dreamer can be gently constrained by the organized genius of the site-what a blessing!

Back to the slogan-it's not true. Just because I can dream it does not mean I can ,(or will), do it. But, thanks to Pinterest I have had some success at trying some new things and have had the pleasure of dreaming as well as enjoying the satisfaction of a job well done!

Yum-have severed this several times and earned rave reviews!

Here's the recipe for the salad-I've seen it all over- just one of many blogs sharing this crowd pleaser.
  Our family especially enjoys 2 parts balsamic vinaigrette to one part poppy seed dressing, cabbage in addition to lettuce, and recently we've used gorganzola cheese instead of feta.  Can you believe it-I make enough so that the teens lick the bowl clean for their bedtime snack! :-)

Wouldn't you like to tell me what projects you've enjoyed lately?  A community of kindred dreamers and doers sounds kind of nice, huh?

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