Monday, November 28, 2011

Gratitude after Thanksgiving

It'll take awhile to recover, we've been so blessed, and that means busy!  And while blog posts bounce around in my head, I'm more likely to be sorting laundry, working on updating chore charts and lesson plans, and setting out a few Christmas decorations than I am to be found tapping out thoughts at the computer. I've got some catching up to do and some planning ahead in these short weeks of giving thanks and then anticipating the celebration of the Christ child.

However, I don't want to get so busy that I miss the mandate and the opportunity to give thanks.  So today, a few pictures and a few more sentences to declare that God's been good to me.

Lacking any mechanized farm equipment...

I'm thankful for willing sons, strong backs, and plenty of room to position the last round bale of hay for the cows.

Same round bale has produced hours of play, peril, and adventure in the barn as the children have cuddled their cats, sailed the high seas, saved the world, and daydreamed while it sits in the barn...

Cousins came, games were played, delicious food abundantly shared, and the beginning of a long time Christmas Crafty idea got underway...

Sweet girl rushes to get ready for Sunday School, she can hardly wait for this week's lesson, the Lord is at work in her heart!

Wonky light makes it difficult to get a picture, (and lack of skill), but we're having fun riding back and forth on weekend farmer husband's old tractor toy-the old has been made new

We've been waiting until cousins came to celebrate birthdays, another year together, the sweetness deepens, as families move far away this is a precious blessing

And after the feasting, a pot simmering with rich deep broth, getting ready for winter hearty meals

The list grows longer-
Weekend farmer husband takes me on a date - it's been almost 22 years since we said "I do"
Big box home improvement stores offer vast inventory and as our office/barn project tarries, helpful employees are becoming friendly acquaintances
Oh the joy of worshiping in freedom and hearing The Word faithfully taught
Home educating pattern on Monday's, when we're all gathered, wrapped in blankets, giving thanks and praying together before the school week begins
Washing machine (newly repaired and still under warranty) spinning, humming, and accompanying our reading while towels get clean

Really, the list could go on, the more I consider, the more I discover.  But for now, the privilege and responsibility of serving my family calls, and I am content to stop typing, go do, and the gifts will continue to grow this grateful contentment.

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