Monday, July 30, 2012

Delighting in Green

Like many of your regions, Liberty Farm and our area has been beset by drought.

Last week we had a little bit of rain.

It was transformational!

The parched, crunchy, and brown landscape seemed to sing its return to green.

Vegetable and flower gardens that were barely staying alive with almost daily watering, sprang forth to declare their God designed glory.

Fruit, earlier devastated by cold and now crippled by heat and thirst, bursts forth and its heady fragrance embraces us when we walk in the door.

Cloudless skies released their stronghold and sunsets set fire to the night once again.

Rain falls and begins to heal the earth and sooth our souls as we recognize yet another of God's provisions for us in this season of life - He is helping to preserve our harvest and our livestock.

A phone call brings some financial relief.

Friends offer tools for Weekend Farmer Husband's use.

Clarity for Weekend Farmer Husband and the good faith of sons as he seeks to launch his own business.

Cool nights and dewy mornings.

Learning together - watching DVD's about farming, food, entrepreneurship with the four oldest of our bunch and fortifying our efforts with greater understanding.

Sticky counters, messy sink, colorful glass jars lined up on the counter filled to the brim with jams, salsas, relishes, and fruits.

Beautiful zinnias - be still my heart!

Kids continue to cuddle with kittens.  So glad this has yet to grow old...

Swimming lessons - a delight to the little girls.

Delightful summer read aloud time - morning chores done, coolness still upon us, gathered together.

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  1. Thank you for your visit and sweet words. A beautiful and encouraging post! Looking from the outside in, what a precious place the Lord has your family-scary, frustrating, unknown but the fruit-trusting in Him, learning, loving, supporting, and seeing His amazing works not just physically but also as He works in hearts. To God be the glory! We let go and let God :) Such a beautiful testimony you are sharing with others-thank you. Praying for your family~ happy weekend to you!