Monday, July 16, 2012

What Heat?

Undaunted by sustained and soaring temps, undeterred by air quality alerts, and unashamed to be sweaty, shirtless (for the guys of course), and covered with grime we press on with projects.

The day - the week, promises to be a scorcher and we will enjoy it to the full with power tools, swimming, berries, our county youth fair, and cool breeze from fan blades playing over our skin while we sink into slumber.

Tasks fill the time and strangely push away worry even though there are no imminent prospects for new employment for Weekend Farmer Husband.  We've been blessed by the "extra" time afforded by the loss of his day job, and trust that our efforts to redeem the land and this farm bless the Lord as we seek to be faithful to steward time, energy, and talent well.

Mulch and a deep weekly watering have preserved our front landscape transplants, the posts and porch floor have received their much needed coat(s) of paint, and today we will build new steps and a rail.

Looking forward to a great big photo "Why don't y'all set a spell" blog post.

Frankly, I've lost track of my list of gifts in recent weeks- it has shaped my heart and thoughts for so long now that I strangely do and don't miss it.  I miss it because it's been a rich habit to cultivate.  I don't because the Holy Spirit has so changed the way I see that I no longer "need" a list to experience the wealth of an abundantly present completely good Lord.  I won't abandon the list...still finding my bearings in the newness of Weekend Farmer Husband always home and him driving the schedule and activities all day rather than our customary shared roles in determining what is to be done and when. And, you know it - as do I - just when we think we have a handle on a habit, unforeseen forces almost always threaten to undo it.  I hope I know better than to invite that kind of trouble...


  1. Don't worry, you all weren't the only ones who perspired today. Nice pics!

    1. Hah, Jerry - I imagine not. I bet you did your part to add moisture to our parched region! And, as you can see - the steps are not yet done. I wonder if we ran out of wood or if we wizened up and backed off from our own ambition? Only Weekend Farmer Husband really knows...thanks for your kind words about the pics.