Wednesday, January 25, 2012

East to West-Chronicling Gifts

Creeping down the stairs in the early dark of day, I tiptoe past the closed bedroom door and breathe in and out the thanksgiving of being home with my parents.  Mom has recovered from her flu and this week we've been working hard to regain strength and prepare for her ongoing role as dad's biggest fan.  I do not know if my dad slept peacefully last night, he has a long history of reaching for that unattainable goal.  But, I do know that each day one or more of the lingering chemo side effects quietly diminishes.

Ironically grateful that recent weeks have prepared me for this early morning, my senses come awake to the coffee just a minutes from being in my cup, and packed suitcases beckon by the back door.  Today I'm rejoining Weekend Farmer Husband, our family, and life together.

The long bus journey to Boston afforded me a small nap.  Sitting right over a set of wheels a constant hum soothed, and in and out of light sleep I began to gather my list of gifts.

  • Sweet fellowship with my parents and days of returning vigor.
  • Noisy, noisy, noisy in the background when I phone home each night to pray, sing, and chat with kids.
  • Sunday night radio programs that cause them all to gather round, make community.
  • Preparing good, fresh, satisfying food for my parents.  Joining together to learn new habits and receive the benefits intentional planning, preparation, and eating have to offer.
  • Renewed vision for our farm, perhaps more animals, and restoring and redeeming the soil.  
  • I always look forward to the above, but I was challenged and blessed listening to this.
  • A tiny coming home party for dad and the joy of reconnecting face to face with family and friends.
  • Fun giggles and memories playing games with niece and nephew.
  • Weekend Farmer Husband's faithful support in my absence; resilient and optimistic children.
  • Mother in law taking children swimming at her local hotel-a welcome winter break.
  • Coming to the Lord's table in the fellowship of saints even though I'm far away from my local body.
  • Air travel that takes me home.
  • Sweet, intense, and fluttery anticipation of seeing Weekend Farmer Husband in just a few hours...
Looking forward to being reunited with my camera and linking to Ann - celebrating all the days of the week, knowing that Monday is not the only day to chase and chronicle gifts.

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