Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How He Works

Oh, I'm in such a tizzy getting ready to receive the GIFT of my father being released from the hospital. Although he is not cancer free, his body is recovering from chemo, and the remaining course of his treatment is likely to occur on mostly an outpatient basis, I sure would appreciate your continued prayers as we anticipate a stem cell transplant in the near future. First, there needs to be a donor match, and then, of course, we wait for The Great Physician's will to be done-and we ask that complete healing be the answer.

I want to give voice to a miracle gift God provided last night. My sister and I spoke briefly on the telephone right before I entered into a monthly home education support group meeting. She identified a pretty urgent need for me to travel to New England and assist in this first phase of bringing my dad home. Of course, Weekend Farmer Husband and I have been "at the ready" for an event like this...except, we've had difficulty, (to the point of failure), in setting aside any funds for travel.

So, my sister and I rung off with my commitment to look into flights and petition God for a gift.

My fellow moms/home educators and I have the sweet fellowship of concluding our time together in testimony for how God has answered prayers, and continuing to share ongoing or new matters for prayer.

I was uncharacteristically quiet during the whole meeting. There are lots of reasons,but primarily, I was thanking God for sending my Dad home, praying for provision, and paying attention!

Additionally, I was wrestling with whether or not to ask for such a specific need-cash.
But, the Holy Spirit was insistent. Speak.

I can hardly write this next part...

I spoke- (I hope), with faith and humility.

By the end of the evening I had enough cash to purchase a ticket.

Why do I ever doubt?

Now, perhaps you do or perhaps you don't know that we live in a state with one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation. Many of the families represented last night have struggled with declining income and or long term unemployment for the family provider.

This gift came from heart abundance, love,and generosity. Not surplus.

Of course, I can't see how we'll "repay" this gift any time in the immediate future. But, I will tell this story, pointing to the gift of Christian community, a God who provides, and the blessing of listening to and obeying the Holy Spirit. And, I will love and serve my parents well.

My mom is sick. She and my dad will be in semi-isolation from one another when he first arrives home. Please pray for her health and strength

I might be a little scarce here...I don't know. Sometimes, when the work is done while I'm at my parent's home I have a little spare time, and I may find my way back.

I won't be taking my camera. Hope I focus on improving writing skills since I can't distract with images.

I treasure your prayers for my little farm family left behind. This is the second time in less than 12 weeks that I'll be absent for an extended time due to helping my parents with a health need. So thankful for home education, Weekend Farmer Husband's job that allows him to be productive in a home office, and support from family and friends.

And, one last thing...I don't like air travel. No good reason. So, I'll be submitting my anxious heart to the giver of ALL good gifts.

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