Friday, December 9, 2011

Candy Apple Red

She's been standing tall and lending her fragrance to the barn for 10 long months.  Sometime last December, I got a wild hair to save this beauty and carved out a safe space for her in one of the unused horse stalls. Silent and still she kept her needles and lovely shape.

I waffled around with silver, red, maybe some glitter...? But in the end, Candy Apple Red drew me in and held me fast.

I'm slowly but steadily adding layer upon layer of Christmas Cheer to our home.  My particular challenge each year is to use what I already have in new ways.  Of course, if you've never been here, it'll be brand new to you since I've never blogged about my home before-not to mention how brand new this blog is!

I've not forgotten that I teased you with  a Merry Blog House Tour...both you and I must be patient.  After all, life is what happens when I'm making other plans, and there's been lots of living going on.

I hope she brings a smile to your face as she does mine.  She glitters and twinkles at night and makes a bold statement during the day.  I'm already wondering what color I'll use for next year...

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