Friday, December 30, 2011

Really? Again?

What follows is not much more than nonsense.  But, because I crack myself up I'm just gonna go for it...

Today was a refreshing change.  Away from home,out of our routine, taking in the beauty and craftsmanship exhibited on Christmas Trees from around the world.

Sixty miles away from home, in an extremely well curated venue, one of a kind beauties all around me, and what does my camera point to?

The kids groan, shake their heads, look for another mother in the crowd that could possibly please whisk them away, or at least look like they belong with her so they don't have to be seen with me!

I assure them that really, at an upscale place like this, I'm not likely to see too many more of them.  And, give me a break, this picture is one of many documenting nativities from around the world.

And then, the sickness  subject appears again.  This time I have no explanation.  I'm just plain old enamored.

What? It's part of a regular exhibit?  And it's covered in Christmas Lights??? Totally awesome!  It does give some comfort though...perhaps I'm not the only one?

Quickly, the children hasten me to the car before I can spy more and they mutter, "she'll probably blog about this...".  I let it roll off my back like water off a duck- which was useful as much of the day was rainy.

Safely in the car, heading back to the sticks where I belong and my family doesn't worry about me being out in public home, we get a sign.  It bodes well for me, but not my offspring who are much more polished than little old moi.  Rumbling along on the expressway, right next to us is...yup, a trailer full of cattle.

Say no more.