Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Seeds of Encouragement

All summer we've been getting ready.

Soaking in sun, quiet days, fun, rest, and family time has prepared the soil.

Today, many of us load children on buses, wake our home educated kids up to alarms, crack open the books, and begin to till.

And we plant.

We're purposing to cultivate minds.

Increase in knowledge.

Bear fruit in understanding.

Harvest an abundance of wisdom.

So, today - and every day, may your learning be profitable, and your pastures lush with hope that in due season, you may reap.



  1. So, so perfect Laura. Wishing you & yours all the abundance for which you've toiled, plus much more by Grace.
    Love from Oklahoma

    1. Dearest Marie, hearts, hugs, love, and kisses with a good measure of strong coffee for the day, and smooth complex wine for the evening, all wrapped up in a long walk, a lingering bonfire, and stacks and stacks of books to swap, embellished with a floppy bow of stories to share and hearts to merge from MI to OK!!!!