Monday, September 9, 2013

Of Life and Lists

The list making has been shoved to the background.

What was once a regular practice has been consumed by the trips into town, the overdue books at the library, the garden harvesting, the buying school supplies, the gritty relationship work of staying right married and parenting with as much grace as you can bear to receive and then pour out.

 The animals don't demand, but they depend.

The supper doesn't come to the table by itself and the cupboards stay bare until by an act of the will, you plan, go get the goods, load them up again and grit your teeth to muster up a depth of gratitude that reflects the items present on the shelf rather than their blindingly fleeting nature.

And in all of this being, doing, planning, living- the giving of thanks and the writing of lists has been consumed by - all the above and so much more.

Today, just three things.
A beginning, middle, and end.


1.  Early rising and being filled with Truth and Hope for the day.
2. New beginnings - of lists and days.
3. I am His. (Christ's).

Thank you Ann for helping so many to chronicle gifts and for living out grace.
Linking up to A Holy Experience today...
(A long abandoned practice that called forth the time and effort today,and I am blessed)



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