Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Still


Furnace humming beneath me, sun not yet crested over the horizon, coffee in my cup, and most importantly- no coughing, sneezing, moaning, or sounds of the nebulizer interrupts sleeping offspring or my thoughts.


It's been several intense weeks of battling back a respiratory virus, and somehow in the nitty gritty of fevers, sleep deprivation, and mountains of facial tissue I've begun to suffer a congestion of my own.

A writer's sort of congestion. Thoughts, words, ideas all crowd each other, and I need a good clearing out.

Like I'm clearing the body of illness, I'll be taking a little more time to "rest".  Yes, I still have my notes and drafts of ideas for the series I've been working on.  It's not over, and I'm not giving up.  Just resting.

Like pushing fluids, I'm taking on "extra" reading. Getting to some ideas and lingering conditions of mind and heart that came clear in the quiet and suppression of physical activity brought on by several days in bed.

So, a little "hello" to you today.
Liberty Farm is hanging on a bit longer to winter rest.
Cultivating the quiet, making space, restoring routine.


  1. "Cultivating the quiet, making space, restoring routine."

    It sounds lovely. I wish you all good health and blessed solitude!

    1. Farmgirl,
      Thank you. I'm very glad you visited and even more so that you commented.
      You are very welcome here, and I hope you too find quiet restorative places.

  2. Oh I am glad your brood is on the mend! xoxo Whew, what a relief... I can relate to the writer's congestion, and may I say that I like the imagery of that, it makes me feel like it can be solved with a little rest, a little warmth, and maybe something fragrant. Enjoy your quiet cultivation and tasty coffee. Fell better. xoxo I'm looking forward to your series continuing!

    1. Marie-bring on that rest, warmth, and fragrance! This appears to be a lingering condition and I'm struggling with how "fuzzy" everything seems. The quiet is soooo good. When you're in the middle of the natural course a virus must run, you're sure you've never felt worse...a little like writing that is. Still in the middle of this congestion I fear I'll never write well again - I shall let this run its course and choose to look back on how restorative recovery was rather than how frustrating being incapacitated is!Thankful for you-xoxo right back atcha.