Friday, February 8, 2013

Practicing some Frugal Habits: Sick Days (Part 6a of Spending or Saving- A Series)

I interrupt this series to bring you an update:

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know we're responding to illness in the family, and it doesn't seem to matter, younger or older, it requires almost all my attention and energy to meet the needs of bodies sprawled on beds and sofas.

Looks like we're just in the thick of a respiratory virus.

I've lately been a little bit of an "Amish", hippie, granola, edgy, alternative momma to varying degrees.
If something occurs naturally in the created world, and has centuries of anecdotal and now research validated effects for the relieving of symptoms and aiding in healing, I'm certainly reading up on it, and possibly adopting the practice at our farm.

That's not to say that I don't use modern pharmacological helps as needed.

But, this time, as my stash of supplements, essential oils, and ingredients for healing foods has incrementally grown I have the resources to respond "naturally" to what ails us.

And, it appears that most of these remedies will prove more frugal than a trip to my nearby health, beauty  and seasonal decoration store.

Some of them are working great.  I'll write about those later in our series about spending and saving cuz' I think they're gonna be keepers.

Others? Meh.
Comme- ci, Comme ca.
There you have it - my occasionally francophile moment, lacking proper punctuation as I've yet to manipulate my settings to accommodate this occasional flakiness.
Now you have to search my archives to see how often I do it!


  1. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. I prefer homeopathic to many of the pharmaceutical products available today.

    1. Ruth, you are so dear to keep coming by. I'm beginning to count on your lovely comments and generous insight. Thank you, friend.
      I too am beginning to prefer natural and homeopathic remedies.
      There are sooooooo many reasons that I've been unable until now to apply them and grow in my understanding of their properties and power to heal. So, I find myself deeply thankful that in this season I AM able to!
      Four days on this road and we still have fevers...this has been a tough bug. Grrr.