Friday, June 8, 2012

Savoring - Little Things 2012

Patience, my friends, patience.

While these docile creatures sniff the breeze and feast on long grass, Part II is in it's final stages of development.

Edited to add: And please forgive the random advertising pop up hyper links.  They're all underlined.  I don't know where they came from or how to get rid of them? Obviously I will be learning something new in order to resolve this intrusion.

Meanwhile, we're drinking deep of sweet sweet summer and savor its gifts from sun up to sun down.

Is there anything more divine than a perfectly sun ripened strawberry?

We have the tiniest most succulent strawberry patch in two raised beds that yield ruby red jewels.  Weekend Farmer Husband and I often stroll the property in the evenings with fists full of berries, slipping each berry into our mouths and wondering if we can even comprehend how blessed we are.

To fill the pantry with summer's stores we buy multiple flats from local growers.  And then we commence to make a steamy, sticky, syrupy, sensational mess of the kitchen for a couple days:

Mmmmmmm - Strawberry jam in shiny glass jars and freezer bags full for pies, smoothies, and baking later in the season.

When the kitchen has cooled, is cleaned and reclaimed, we start all over again after supper.

Mountains spill over the counters:

The sharp contrast of steamy bright asparagus plunged into icy water while evening breeze ruffles through the kitchen windows brings a settled deep satisfaction to the night.  Bags ready with spring green wait in the freezer to accompany hearty roasts, potatoes from our garden, and lingering Sunday dinner. The sting of January seems less concerning.

Seeds are sown in long rows and the sprinkler makes it's regular hum through the day, coaxing optimism from the soil.  Sprouts are pushing through and there's less anxiety that we got our gardens in "late" as we see the earth yield.  Our soil will require years of amending so we're avid composters.

Good thing I'm finding these all over the yard and porches!

Home days have been very restorative for Weekend Farmer Husband, and there's been a chance to grieve, reflect, pray, and rest.  Faithful prayers of family and friends have upheld us and we are encouraged and made hopeful by a flurry of interviews and possibilities for the near future.  We are settling into a more mature understanding that the LORD is our provider and He may require us to wait rather than have work (income), and if that is so, we will yield to Him and His blessings rather than our own comfort or plans. (Did I really just type that...*gulp*)  Well, at least that's how we in humility hope to respond.

Projects abound.  We wonder how we ever maintained/sustained all the operations of our mini farm before Weekend Farmer Husband was devoting most of his days to fixing, building, tinkering, and overall giving his focus to Liberty Farm.  It's a little frightening how much we fly by the seat of our pants...but, it points to God's faithful confirmation of this venture.

And as I suspected in writing earlier this year about how I hope to focus and respond to what the Holy Spirit equips us for in our kingdom work, the little things have continued to hold my attention and teach big lessons.

Psalm 46:10
He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; 
    I will be exalted among the nations,
    I will be exalted in the earth.”

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