Monday, June 11, 2012


Close friends recently described their plans for their upcoming weekend away and I confess I struggled with the tiniest bit of envy. Words like "sit around" and "lots of sleeping" and "just doing nothing" hold a powerful attraction.

You see, one of the reasons (I think) we've been able to accomplish as much as we have in two short years on the farm is because of our love affair with work.  Both Weekend Farmer Husband and I get all happy dancin' when there's a project, or two, or ten.  And, thankfully, we feel confirmed time and time again through the counsel of the Holy Spirit that some of our best worship is through work.

There's a downside.  You knew that, right?  Seems like once we get started we can't stop.  And, in gospel terms, we can easily get ourselves in circumstances in which our ox is constantly in the well. (Luke 14:5) There it is in black and white, the ones responsible - "we".  Any good thing in excess easily becomes negative.

Self awareness is helpful in the lifelong pursuit of a proper ratio, Industry : Rest.  By now I suspect it evident to you that our ratio is skewed and our equation looks more like Industry > Rest.

A brief weekend spike in temperature is what got our attention.  Our day fell to ruin on Saturday, and we were forced to at least admit that when it is hot we must adjust our expectations and our pace.

Fortunately, we had already made plans for Sunday, The Lord's Day, to set the AC to arctic zone range, cook early in the morning to keep heat out of the house, nap after church, and then travel the short 1/2 hour to the glimmering shores of Lake Michigan for an evening picnic and break in the routine.

Pulling into our long gravel driveway by the light of the night sky and barn bulb glow,  sleepy kids rinsed sand and sunscreen from skin and slipped into soothing cool sheets.  Moments later sleep crept in and peace was upon the house.

-Weekend Farmer Husband continues to process, plan, grieve, and debrief following his job loss.  We are grateful for so much space in outbuildings so we don't step all over each other and can be sensitive to emotional and practical needs.
-The countdown is on.  Firstborn Son is coming home soon and although there's not long term clarity on career and future there is confidence that law school is not in the immediate future.
-Graduation open houses for so many home educated seniors connect us in community and we encourage one another in the journey
-Lake Michigan so close
-Watermelon, Pasta Salad, Sandwiches- abundant food
-Energy to keep pace
-Constant talk from the little girls, generously peppered with "mom (or dad), I love you"
-Weeks of happy play for friends and our kiddos in the pop up camper
-Good news for my father at his recent evaluation at Dana Farber Cancer Institute - his blood counts indicate (at least clinically) that he will be cured from cancer.  This is the Lord's doing.
-Multiple job interviews for Weekend Farmer Husband.  We wait in expectation for the Lord's leading.

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