Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Color!

Liberty Farm comes even more alive with the spring time change.  Longer hours of daylight following Weekend Farmer Husband's "regular" job gives birth to months and months of projects that have been languishing in the dark of winter.

When you're 112 years old you're bound to have some new wear and tear following wind, snow, ice, cold, and exposure.  Our barn took the worst of it this year.  There's some substantial structural damage, and although fixable, it will probably take us the whole of spring, summer, and fall to piece by piece repair her.  We're deeply grateful that given the nature of the problem there was no damage that can't be shored up.  Praise.

So while we work, work, work - and this is well before any gardening...which adds ( you got it), more work - I don't have freedom to write, write, write.  I miss it.  But, I'm embracing and joyfully entering in to this wonderful time of productivity.

My camera has been at the ready though.  Even when I can't put words to the days, I can click and capture the images that bring a smile, remind me of the Giver of good gifts, and allow me to share with you the little wonders that make up our hours.

 These final pictures are especially precious to me -

One of the rites of Spring for us is play in the sandbox, wearing swimsuits, with infinite access to the garden hose.  A whole season's worth of pent up design and winter white skin buds out in the gritty earth, and creative, harmonious, productive play goes on for days as their visions take shape.

Who knew that on March 14, we'd have better than 80 degrees in West Michigan?  I don't think my kids have ever had a sunburn in March :-)

For this long hair lovin' mama, his recent declaration that he's not cutting his hair until August is a fun announcement!

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