Monday, March 19, 2012

Gifts of Spring



Peeling back layer after layer of damage, disrepair, and concern from the foundation of our barn seems to consume almost every extra resource we have.  Progress continues, safety has been preserved, and our spirits are not dampened.

Every day in this unseasonably early spring I "hear" strains of songs - mostly worship songs - playing in my subconscious.  The glory of this weather pattern and the earth waking is a breathtaking joy and the simplest things draw my attention to God, the master designer and creator of this world.

Waking to fresh air and golden sunshine - windows wide open to the day - bright eyed children light down the stairs full of eagerness.  Breakfast is eaten with relish and we dive into school and chores so that we can have the afternoon free.

We're spring cleaning with fervor and the purging is making room for physical things, and the shuffling of those things clearly demonstrates what abundance we've been given.

Some of our "best friends" spent a quiet winter in one of the barns.  This momma was so blessed that the reunion was sweet - even for the 11 year old boy!

Summer March! Breathless with gratitude for sun streaked sky, fiery expanse, shimmering shadow, and verdant earth wakening.

If you've visited here before you may know that I join a community of gift chroniclers, beauty seekers, grace hungry Christ followers on Mondays where we link up blog posts and speak out thanks.  Today is no different.  But, while I click and link and read, this is what's "playing in my head".

Blessings friend -

Pardon please?  Always trying to improve, learn, and develop...not always capable in the technical realm.  Sorry that I can't seem to get pictures "lined up"...


  1. Enjoyed seeing you yesterday and having the large project explained. Wondeful photos!!

    1. Kerrie- love it when you stop by! (here and at the farm) Always appreciate your encouraging words about the photos I post...