Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reluctant Quiet

Quiet here.

I find quiet challenging.
My thought life is always "noisy", and writing, being with you, editing photos, and bearing testimony to the good news of the gospel in my life is something I crave. It helps cultivate the "noisy" into something productive.  Redeemed, maybe?

I'm trying to make my peace with no time to write, no chance to make connections here.
I've somewhat always subscribed to the truism that you make time for what's important - how can I have so many important things that keep me away from other important things?

I don't particularly join in the camp of mommies needing to make time for themselves, but I do think some things do need to have hierarchy, or a balance of priority in our lives.  Like brushing my teeth.
(Which, some days, seems too much, frankly.)

So far in this quiet I've kept my commitment to exercise regularly, read well (much to my chagrin it's been mostly online - books are much better for me), and keep some sort of sleep schedule.

Somebody's been practicing tying knots on momma's shoes!

But, that seems to be all the discretionary time I have.
I have to admit I'm a little nervous about this as we've got nothing in the ground, since our Northern climate has yet to yield to warmth, and we have very few animals on the farm.  We need our pastures to "wake up" in order to feed them!

If I can't wiggle my schedule around now (with fewer commitments), how will I ever make it through our busy season?

A long winter/late spring is keeping us cooped up, and I think to some degree is the culprit in a perpetual cycle of both low level and acute illness that keeps visiting us. I should not underrate the impact of always having illness in the home.  None of it is serious.  All of it exacts it's price.

Gah- the price, appears for now, to be quiet.
So, I'm reluctantly paying up.
Trusting that the ticker tape of words that scrolls just behind my eyeballs will be just as vital when it comes time to write it down as it was when it first appeared.

Tending to our home, serving the needs of viral achy bodies, cultivating patience, and making peace with quiet are the markers on the trail right now.

Time to get my boots on and start walking the journey of another day.


  1. I identify with your struggle, though for different reasons. Our daily details are just different. But TOTALLY life is how you redeem your time. That is kinda my catch word lately, redeem, redeem, redeem... For what am I trading my time and energy?? Sounds to me, sweet Laura, like you are both gaining and producing plenty. Keep it up, hang in there, be happy! Everything is seasonal after all. xoxo p.s. Those are the most precious shoelaces ever. LOL

    1. Ah, yes - "for what am I trading my time and my energy?"
      Again and again I remind myself that I must be fully present in and aware of the most important things, and they can shift depending on circumstances and seasons. I DO miss regularly writing though. Without enough time turning pages and precious little time tapping symbols into structures that make sense, I do get a little wah-wah, you know?
      But, then dear hearts like you come a visitin' - gift.
      {{the shoelaces are pretty sweet!!}}